Zhizhen Wu

Zhizhen Wu

New York, NY, US


Exchange: Post-Industrial Landscape

This is a project trying to explore the possible relationship between the post-industrial port and the city.
The existing industrial infrastructures provides both challenges and possibilities.
The site locates in the port of Barcelona, which used to be the center of the industrial revolution in Catalunya but now loses its original function. Currently, the cargo trade and tourism are enjoying a boom
with the development of the city. Under such circumstances we are trying to find a solution to adapt to the changing social demands.
The project concentrate on establishing the INTERACTIVE RELATIONSHIP between the port and the
city, without disrupting the local economic activities. Re-arranging the local resources helps the harbor to
better integrate into the city.

Early explorations in the site area suggest that the project has great potential due to its exceptional location at the joint of the city, the port and the sea. Currently, the area is home to activities of Cruise/Ferry and provides pedestrian access. However visual contact with the sea is cut by barriers separating the port of the public.

The main points on a large scale are:
1.Changing structure.
We propose a re-arrangement of the harbor activities to better adjust to the current conditions of the cargo and the increasing passengers.
2.Diversity in transportations.
We propose to integrate the existing infrastructure and provide more possibilities for passengers to connect to the city.
3.The changing harbor-city boundary. We propose to replace the existing barrier by a boundary of water, an element that maintain the function of the barrier and gives sea views.
4.The harbor entering the city.
The multiple activities in the harbor provides close interaction between the city and the port.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: Strategy Dsicussion, 3D Modeling, Physical Modeling, part of the graphics