Zhizhen Wu

Zhizhen Wu

New York, NY, US


Breaking through the Earth

This is a individual studio work in my undergraduate.

Given the task to design a museum at this site, I decide to respond to the very unique cultural environment. The current architectures represent official masterpieces in ancient China. In response, I choose to display chinaware, the wisdom of public crafts, and also the living necessities of ordinary people.
What trigers my interest is the fantastic change in the appearance when chinaware is made. Chinaware
comes out from the segretive, rough and dark clay, and is made into the integrated, smooth and shining containers.
I grasp this character and form my basic concept: BREAKING THROUGH THE EARTH.
The concept of “Breaking Through the earth” suggests great tension in the architectural form. There are three aspects of architectural contrast in this museum.
MATERIAL: roughness vs smoothness.
LIGHT : darkness vs brightness.
BLOCK: integrity vs fragment.

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Status: School Project
Location: Beijing, CN