Yuchuan Zhang

Yuchuan Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Responsive City

Now this technology you are looking at is BIG DATA, which is a developing technology that may have huge impact on our lives and the city in the future. Instead of starting a city from scratch, we were looking at a small aspect of transportation, the autonomous car that supported by big data. Considering
autonomous cars has the ability to detect what is happening around itself, the traffic lights seem to be unnecessary. As a result, we removed the traffic lights, sidewalks, traditional downtown, etc from the city, and reorganized functional units, block, intersection and etc, transforming the city into a city with self-sufficient blocks and separated pedestrian network.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Type: Academic Group Work | Major Designer
Date: 2015 Sep. - 2016 Jun. Superastudio
Tutor: Craig Hodgetts, Marta Nowak