Yuchuan Zhang

Yuchuan Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US



In order to invent a block that is able to be self-sufficient for the client of the city, people who are doing creative industry. The office building in the middle is a place that can adjust itself to different scenarios in terms of time. Considering the designer in creative industry needs to get inspired from other realms of design, the working space should be more open, continuous and active. The project consists of two IN-TERWEAVED spirals, and has neutral spaces IN-BETWEEN. As a result, I expect those clients would get IN-spired from this project. All of these result in the name of this project, IN-SPIRAL.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Type: Academic Group Work | Major Designer
Date: 2016 Apr. - 2016 Jun. Superastudio
Tutor: Craig Hodgetts, Marta Nowak