Yuchuan Zhang

Yuchuan Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US



Developers in other industry are always surrounded by compliments on the basis of the efforts they contribute to our society, while researchers focusing on transgenosis get totally different voice from the public. Their work are often described as “a profane thing”, which discourages transgenosis experts a lot. It is widely known that a good feeling for oneself drives on forward. Clearly, this situation would never exert positive effect on gene research. In order to create good image in people’s mind, as well as give it back to the society, this design translates the true meaning of Genentech’s research into architectural expression. Specifically, the results of Genentech’s work transgenosis flowers or many other vegetation sare merged into the design, making the building a symbol of sustainable awareness,
and embody the contribution they make to the city, as well as the society.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Type: Academic Individual Work Location: Nanjing, China
Date: 2015 Mar. - 2015 Jul. 5th year Tutor: Feng Liu