Yuchuan Zhang

Yuchuan Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US


In the Mid of MEMORY

For one thing, as the site is of great historical meaning, this design has obligations to remind citizens of the history of their city, bringing belongingness to them. For another thing, the Confucius Temple District has already been a commercial centre of Nanjing, that in large measures weaken people’s feeling of respect to this area. Since this area has been a place gathering various symbol and representation of Nanjing, I personally embrace this solution of preserving Nanjing’s identity in respect of the unstoppable renew of the city. My design take the “Grand View Garden” from the book “A Dream of the Red Chamber”, which is now a part of Nanjing’s culture, into consideration, creating a better place for people to experience culture and history.

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Status: School Project
Location: Nanjing, CN
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Type: Academic Individual Work
Location: Nanjing, China
Date: 2013 Feb. - 2013 Apr. 3rd year
Tutor: Chang Wang, Qijing Ye