Rebecca Yanrong Gao Chen

Rebecca Yanrong Gao Chen

New York, NY, US


Ecological Landscape District of Guitang River, Changsha

Role: Principal Designer;        

Site Area: 26.8 Ha.;         Ground Area: 580,000 sq. m.;          FAR: 1.22;         

Design Time: Jul. ~ Oct. 2009;

Award: The 1st Place in International Design Competition.

Project site is located in Yuhua District, along Changsha’s only inland river, Guitang River, with the width of 400 meters by the river and the length of 3 kilometers south to north.  It is a key project of Changsha’s "Eleventh Five-Year" period, and a star work of Yuhua District with perfect infrastructure and excellent location.

The project is a large-scale mixed-use planning including high, mid and low-rise luxury residence, education, commerce, office, hotel and a large city park on the east side of the river. 

Design Objectives:

1. Create city brand and improve city value;

2. Bring the river environment back to life (water quality, habitat, eco-systems);

3. Connect the river back to the local community and the district (links north to city and Metro, south to the parkland/hills, west & east to residential and commercial areas);

4. Establish the project site as a gateway to the district (from the proposed commercial centre, the existing road system and new public transport links);

5. Maximize the value of the residential land (through connecting the design of the residential project to the new river front parkland);

6. Create a project of long term value -- a better social, economic and physical environment.

Planning Concept: River & Harmony

- The long river means the long history of Xiangchu Culture;

- The curved river means the spirit of Changsha people who pursue the freedom;

- The harmonious relationship of people & nature, people & society can improve the ecological environment;

- Harmonious Yuhua District & Changsha.

The building and park clusters on the east and west sides conform with the curved river and organically integrate as one, just like the Yuhua Pebbles washed by running water, and even more like a group of waterfront green Orange Islands.  Within the blocks, the buildings and their groups form continuous and organic polylines or curves, and also are harmonious with the river. From south to north along the river, the planning features are from the free nature to regular urban, architectural blocks’ height and density increase, and building types are from low-rise semi-detached houses, townhouses, mid-rise garden houses, and high-rise apartments to the commercial complex.

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Status: Built
Location: Changsha, CN
My Role: Principal Designer
Additional Credits: Project Manager: Qiang Jing; Principal Designer: Xi Yang.