Wayde Tardif

Wayde Tardif

Seattle, WA, US


Urban Place Making

Tempe’s popularity, fueled in part by a nearby university and  growing population of young people is an emergent destination. GGLO’s design response for a mixed use development  including Restaurant/Retail, Super Market, Hotel and Apartments in a prime location in the city was to capture some of the vibrancy and enthusiasm, and with a respectful eye on the city’s often harsh and hot weather, develop a refreshing and vibrant urban oasis that enables an active lifestyle, stimulates community connections and celebrates the outdoors with an overarching sense of hospitality. The design approach is based on five urban design principals refined and applied specifically to optimize the unique combination of site location, program and surrounds.

  1. •    Porosity and Pedestrian Scale

  2. •    Leveraging Views and Neighborhood Amenities

  3. •    A Layered Approach – Density as Place-making

  4. •    Design that supports 24/7 Living 

  5. •    Maximizing efficiency through design

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Status: Built
Location: Tempe, AZ, US
My Role: Design Lead