Wayde Tardif

Wayde Tardif

Seattle, WA, US


Creating Urban Identity

Bremerton’s nautical heritage as a naval station, and depot for ship and submarine building during the wars was significant in the design of the Olympic Gateway Project.  In a city where buildings were historically erected and torn down per the needs of local industry, and fluctuation in a corresponding population, few call on the heritage of the place in helping illustrate the building as being specific to that place. The Olympic Gateway draws upon the heritage of Bremerton and embraces its location along the waters of the Puget Sound as a visual entryway to the region and establishes itself as an icon on the city’s waterfront as its tallest building at 240 feet (73m).  

The project’s two towers reflect a nuanced nautical theme in their materiality and form, with ship-like decks, curved balconies, glass handrails and “crow’s nest” rooftop amenity spaces. Its porthole entry and hotel porch-cochere serve as the project’s front door and as an inviting access point to views to the water beyond.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bremerton, WA, US
My Role: Design Lead