Wayde Tardif

Wayde Tardif

Seattle, WA, US


Singapore Sands Integrated resort

Marina Bay Sands is a $5 billion, highdensity, mixed-use integrated resort that brings together a 2,560-room hotel, convention center, shopping and dining, theaters, museum, and a casino. The 10 million square-foot urban district anchors the Singapore waterfront, creates a gateway to Singapore, and provides a dynamic setting for a vibrant public life.

The complex is organized around two principal axes that join the existing urbanfabric, becoming part of the continuous necklace of activities surrounding Marina Bay. Both the north-south promenade and the grand arcade traverse the entire project and are crossed by two east-west spines, which physically and visually (as view-corridors) connect the planned Garden by the Bay, the local metro station, Bayfront Avenue and the waterfront.

The building massing is conceived as a series of landscaped gardens stacking
upward from the bay to the public promenade on the seventh floor, culminating in the sky park atop the hotels. Viewed from ships anchored at sea, the project’s foreground - composed of the Museum of Art-science, the promenade and undulating roof structures - serves as a base from which the hotel towers rise, curving skyward.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG
My Role: Senior Designer
Additional Credits: Moshe Safdie.