Viviana Bernal

Viviana Bernal

Brooklyn, NY, US

Mixed Media - Ink/Charcoal 48'x96'
Mixed Media - Ink/Charcoal 48"x96"
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The city of Bogota, Colombia, sits at the foot of the Andes at 2,100 meters above sea level.

Bogota enjoys a complex and dense juxtaposition of both built and natural environmnets, which make the city a unique and intriguing place with a variety of vernacular art and architecture. These vernacular languages have been influenced throughout the years by both colonial heritage and contemporary expressions in both disciplines; and a delicate balance between them has been kept through a series of built works inhabiting various parts of the city.

By means of ‘Inhabitable Monumantality’, this thesis explores the dialogue between art and architecture, as well as the expression of this dialogue in a minimalist and abstract light.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bogota, Colombia
My Role: Designer

Mixed Media - Ink/Cahrcoal 48'x96'
Mixed Media - Ink/Cahrcoal 48"x96"
Mixed Media - Ink/Charcoal/Detail
Mixed Media - Ink/Charcoal/Detail