Tue Pham

Tue Pham

Austin, TX, US



National Best Graduation Projects Competition (Loa Thanh Prize), 2010
Second Place

Modernization and tradition, internationalism and regionalism: that's the contrasting yet appealing challenge that not only faces generations of architects and engenders the goal of society in globalization era in general, but also this thesis project in particular. It is the not just story of specific intervention in heritage setting; it pose a larger question: what direction that a urban context, in which heritage and novel value co-exist, like Hue city can take to the future. To some extent and in this definite context, the project answers that question by introducing the solution of urban integration, functional flexibility, environmental and energy building in holistic, elaborate architectural design.


Theater of Royal Performing Arts is a civil complex hosting an arrays of diverse functions, a model hub of integrated and flexible cultural activities. Hue Royal Performance Art is considered high-class scholar art, conforming to strict rules and sophistically orchestrated  play set. Though, despite its highly scholarliness, the nature of this performance art still originated from different kinds of folk songs in Hue region. Therefore, Hue Royal Performance Art, supposed to serve exclusively to royal families, in fact, is inherently related to ethnical arts which are necessitated by common plebeian and pedestrian human spirit. The concept of the project is to materialize that indivisible spiritual bond.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hue City, Thua Thien - Hue, Vietnam
My Role: Designer