Tue Pham

Tue Pham

Austin, TX, US



Planning Concept

The project has a huge ratio of greenery and water area, including the great lake that cuts through the development, the extended entertainment park across the lake and multiple landscape spine running along public commercial axis and through residential lowrise area. The ecological spirit and sustainable value are apparent, not only benefiting the investor economically but also the future residents in term of pleasant life style

Townhouses and apartment are connected directly to the main circulation axis, creating completed initial urban space and exploiting greenery and water space to improve investment efficiency. Highrise residence is located along the 100m boulevard in front of the green buffer zone. Villa area exploits maximum landscape of green and water, creating the interesting residential enviroment.

Organizing the exciting commercial axis which is parallel with the 100m boulevard, including the walking shopping-street, greenery and water space. Expanding the East-West spatial axis from the 100m boulevard through the plot to the center. The commercial hub and landmark tower is located at the intersection of main axis, as a icon of not only the project itself but also adjacent neighborhoods. Dynamic and modern urban space is presented in a clear hierarchical approach.

Different centers of the development, including Public , Commercial & Residential center are connected to each other by circulation road, greenery and water spine to make the whole spatial coherence . The Public & Commercial center with open space and integrated public service create vitality for the city. The Residential centers create intimate and convenient community space for local residents.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Melinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Kume Design Asia ltd. ( subsidiary of Kume Sekkei )