Tue Pham

Tue Pham

Austin, TX, US



Dulux Interior Competition 2008 - Art Form
Third Place


The Art Form Competition called for a innovative idea about how interior design can change the user's perception of space. Responding to the brief, the project explore a futuristic house prototype for 6 highly gregarious people having their own rotating module in which 3 main zones and 3 kind of setting such zones are provided. Each of 6 people have the total control of how their own module to spin according to their charater, need and mood. The relative position of these module define a relative zone  used by single, couple or all of 6 people. The charater of such relative space is further defined by each of 3 functions: resting, working or hygiene.

The result is a dynamic, unpredictable and ever changing space for 6 people who decide what space they want to involve. New notions of spatial evolvement, commoness versus privacy, and settings infinity are suggested

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
My Role: Designer