Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio

Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio

Torino, IT | New York, NY


Prototyping The City

The experiment of Prototyping the city was based on the criteria that a product of urban design must operate at different levels contemporarily. Playgrounds and public spaces need objects to play with, identify with and react against.

The brief of the project, entitled “biodegrading pavilion”, indicates a typological reference: the pavilion, hybridized with the programmatic function of info-point for Torino 2008 World Design Capital, and its biological condition as a temporary “coagulation of matter” designed to disintegrate back into nature at the end of its life cycle.

The workshop structure was instead defined as a “matrix” which coordinated the activities of the group in parallel co-evolving layers. The result was a parametrically controlled diagram organizing the basic construction units [wooden sticks] into a coherent structural assemblage while generating small cocoon spaces which branched out of the main “tunnel”. These spaces became the niches which housed the informational layer that constituted the first point of contact between the visitors and the summer school events. This platform was then expanded in a web based blog capable of reaching out to world.

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Status: Built
Location: Torino, Italy
Firm Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Project leader : C. Griffa (Politecnico di Torino) , C. Pasquero (Architectural Association) , M. Poletto (Architectural Association)
with the participation of Phillip Anzalone (GSAPP Columbia University)
Bello Angela Maria, Feng Jinming, Rizzo Federico, Lee Yong Ju, , GiampĂ  Bruno, Raj Ravi, Gkoliaris Panagiotis,
Kelle Dora, Brush Brian, Scripelliti Elena, Di Iorio Federica, Pianosi Monica,
Pollicini Francesca, Leoni Pietro, Eduardo Juliana, Xie Haiwei, Brissette Samuel, Zak Jacub
Johnson Emily, Gindro Gianluca, Fassino Mauro, Campo-Ruiz Ingrid, Sirombo Elisa,
Bezerra Lia Maria Dias, Wen Yinghua, Yi Yuxing, Wong Cheryl Wing-Zi, Gaioni Manuele , Beltracchi Carlo,
Guerra Mariachiara, Marchis Elena Teresa Clotilde, Vozzola Mariapaola, Marom Liat

Partner Denaldi Legnami
Teaching Assistant Andrea Graziano