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Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio

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Circolo Dei Lettori

Circolo dei Lettori, located in the building of the 16th century Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, established in 2006 by the support of the Cultural Department of the Piedmont Region. The Circolo dei Lettori was the first public space dedicated to Italian readers and reading, both individually and in groups, while also hosting presentations and conferences organized by City of Torino.

The goal was to keep integral its timeless atmosphere -preserving most of the historical heritage- while improving usability of the space by providing the citizens a place to meet, to work informally and to eat. The intervention required improving the technical equipment for the bar, restaurant conference rooms and the conditioning system.

The idea of the project was to emphasize idea of the reading as an action having the capacity to bring the readers in different worlds, to transform every days action in a dreamland world. The intervention of the Palace of the Circle of the circle Readers aims to hybridization of an intervention intended to create a hybrid space between place of culture and the workplace

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Status: Built
Location: Torino, Italy
Firm Role: Design
Additional Credits: Works managed with Gianluigi Favero
Design team: Alessio Primavera, Mukesh Rosso,Roberta Musso, Federico Russo, Mapi Turninetti, Gürkan Ataş, Morena Caredda