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Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio

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Napping Pod

Napping Pods are dens or nest where babies can hide and develop a secret personal universe. As is a proposal for boarding schools and collective napping spaces, the Napping Pod is a vision of a universe of protection, amusement, complicity and secrets words.

Napping pod has been designed as a sunflower with orientations varying from pod to pod: in the higher levels, for smaller children, the opening are oriented toward the ceiling where babies can only enter or exit with the help of an adult. In the lower levels the pods are slightly rotated. In this way babies can enter and exit as they wish.

A branching tubular structure supports the pods where the babies nap. Each pod is realized with a double shell. Each baby has a mattress fit for pods, curved on the bottom half and flat on the top, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

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Status: Built
Firm Role: Project leader
Additional Credits: Team: A. Balzano, M. Pianosi