The Lighting Practice

The Lighting Practice

Philadelphia, PA | New York, NY

Photo Credit: Tom Crane Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Crane Photography

Spring Garden Connector

The Spring Garden Connector is a pedestrian and vehicular underpass that links an up-and-coming Philadelphia neighborhood with the Delaware River waterfront, an emerging entertainment district.  The overpass carries 12-lanes of Interstate 95 and a station stop for the SEPTA Market-Frankford line El Train, creating a 270-foot long tunnel.  At night, the existing roadway lighting provides adequate illumination for the roadway but an unappealing environment for pedestrians.  During the daytime, the contrast of the daylight with the dim interior creates a dark cave-like effect.  The new lighting is designed to add lighted portals at the entries to the SEPTA station and cast light through suspended, cut metal sheets to illuminate the walls.  The color-changeable effects will reinforce the time of day and provide visual brightness to ameliorate the cave effect.  The lighting integrated with environmental graphics will provide an identity and a welcoming safe passage for residents, visitors and commuters.

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Status: Built
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
Firm Role: Architectural Lighting Design
Additional Credits: Client: Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC)
Landscape Architecture: NV5
Environmental Graphic Design: Cloud Gehshan