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Xiamen Dream City

The design concept for Xiamen Dream City integrates the project with its beachfront
site by materializing as a series of buildings imbedded within an urban landscape deck that appears to emerge from the beach itself.  The contour lines of the natural topography of the site are conceived as a dynamic vector field which has been activated by the strategic placement of key programmatic elements. These elements act as invisible forces which disturb the field and re-organize the arrangement of the contours to form a continuous and rippling surface of undulating dunes, canyons, and valleys which define a network of public plazas, linear gardens, and winding pathways at surface level. Below the surface, the deck peels away to reveal the contents of the low-rise buildings embedded within the landscape. The dynamic and cascading effect of the openings articulate a series of protected terraces, waterfront views, and sculptural north-facing roof lights for the retail, dining, and entertainment venues at lower levels.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Xiamen, CN