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Location:          Los Altos, California

Program:          Suspended Light Feature

Client:               Los Altos College School of Sciences

Credits:             Alvin Huang (Principal), David O. Wolthers, Joseph Sarafian

The Meta Lamp is a bespoke suspended light feature for the Los Altos College School of Sciences.  It's form embodies the expressive, generative and organic aesthetics of micro-organisms studied in the Life Sciences (D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, radiolarians, and diatoms), while its generative design process employs the computational, material, and fabrication technologies developed in the Engineering Sciences (metaballs, parametric modelling, translucent resin, and SLS rapid prototyping).  The result is a stunning light fixture that encourages dynamic visual interaction and has an iconic presence within the stairwell of Los Altos College.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Altos, CA, US
Firm Role: Lead Design Architect