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New Keelung Harbor International Terminal Building

Inspired by the geometric patterns of Taiwanese Hen Cages and the structural shells of luxury racing yachts, the building takes shape in a dynamic gradient form that transitions from exo-skin to exo-skeleton in response to programmatic content as well as performative requirements. Thus, what appears to be formal expression, is actually “informed form” which responds to the integration of weather, urban context, program, circulation, and sustainability through integrated design responses that inform the building orientation, spatial layout, façade design, and choice of material and structural system.


The building program is divided into three primary experience groups and cyclical sequences. These three groups share programmatic overlaps and transitions which allow exchange between groups.

The building strives to generate an efficient operational strategy using passive techniques that manipulate the natural environment for the benefit of the internal environment. The building is orientated into the prevailing wind direction which allows the air flow to be tuned around the flanks of the tower between the main structure and the façade.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Keelung, TW
Firm Role: Lead Design Architect
Additional Credits: Buro Happold - Structural, MEP, Facades, Environmental
OneView CG - Vizualisation