Dare Sumner

Dare Sumner

Los Angeles, CA, US


Smart City - Developer

Since 2016, I began the planning for a new city to be developed in Florida. The supporting investment would be privately funded, as of now. 
We began with a bold approach using 200-square miles (128,000 Acres) and have since reduced our footprint to 150-Sq. Miles (9,600 Ac / 38,849 Ha). This would be larger than Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA., yet approx. size to Denver, CO. We have two other Smart city location considered currently too outside the USA.

Being master-planned is a holistic and green approach to city development. So without releasing more info, please stay tuned for more public updates.

  • Reinvention Studio Inc - Master-planner
  • SKANSKA - (considered as G.C. / Engineer)
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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Florida, USA
My Role: Developer / Master-planning

Community Design
Community Design