Dare Sumner

Dare Sumner

Los Angeles, CA, US


MENA - Algeria City

The Sidi Abdullah village project encompasses 1,150,000 ha, in Sidi Abdullah. The city, which is a new science and technology center, is located 10 miles southwest of Algiers, and is 4 miles from the sea. The village is located to the west of Mahelma, and is adjacent to the future university.

Sidi Abdullah’s various land uses are allocated based on which land use is the best fit for the site’s unique features, as well as in accordance with the best land use mix, and best land use adjacencies within districts. The land uses are located with the high density towards the core and the main road way. The land uses then transition to a smaller density. The dense core consists of apartments, retail, markets, offices, and a theater. The outer ring consists of small and medium residential lots.

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Status: Built
Location: Northern Africa
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: WATG