Subah Iqbal

Subah Iqbal

Warren, MI, US


Lanterns of Light

Inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s impressive and often spellbinding play with natural daylight in his notable work for the 20th century extension of the Canova Museum, this project seeks to integrate a distinct form of apertures, titled “lanterns of light”. Evident from the pockets of glass openings, combined with the planar surfaces intersecting, although subtly, it can be argued that the museum displays philosophies of Modernism.

In my application, the focus was entirely upon the execution of these lanterns of light, in a gallery setting, where windows need not provide views to the outside, but rather welcome daylight into the interior spaces. There is perhaps nothing more pleasant than the notion of utilizing natural daylight in a hall that evokes so many emotions, of shared joy and despair, all that is felt due to the credit of the talented artists whose work decorate the walls. Thus, the architect must pay homage to the artists, and realize that much can be accomplished with natural daylight, in order to illuminate a gallery space. 

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Status: Unbuilt