Subah Iqbal

Subah Iqbal

Warren, MI, US


Al Fresco

For climates that are forgiving, natural ventilation and natural daylight are wasted if not made proper use of, especially in a world that is slowly plunging into rigorous climate change. 

As architects, it is our responsibility to contribute to design solutions that are not neglectful of existing resources, and instead make full use of what is already available as an infinite resource : natural ventilation and natural light. 
Intended for temperate climates, where snow is scarce and adequate ventilation is necessary, this project seeks to propose a gallery space that is open air, in addition to completely relying on natural light. 
The volume of the building is derived from first a hexagonal shape, then varying slits are cut in the lateral faces of the building to provide direct light that naturally illuminates the entire gallery. Due to its open air design, the gallery welcomes visitors without restrictions, from humans to birds to the crunched up and withered leaves. 


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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Architect