Los Angeles, CA


Parking Day 2011

Taking cues from Parking Day’s theme, the iconic Hollywood sign, and the context in front of Local restaurant, LOCAL PARK is four large “topiary” letters that spell the word P-A-R-K.  In combination with the existing storefront behind, the sign reads LOCAL PARK.  Directed toward Sunset Blvd., the installation grabs the attention of the driving and bus-riding public and leaves the enigmatic impression of a green PARK at the side of the boulevard.  Not in search of a fixed message, the sign might be read as a cheerful request to park your vehicle, and as an expression of the need for more green space in the city.  The sign reverses the man-made vs. nature relationship of the Hollywood sign and turns the lettering into a landscape within the urban context.  The letters are ballasted with sandboxes to create a temporary space for relaxing, expanding the space of the sidewalk.

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Status: Built
Location: Silver Lake / Los Angeles, CA