Los Angeles, CA


james perse flagship

Tasked with designing the new flagship and a flexible prototype for a James Perse store roll-out, Standard created a fluid plan that defines distinct areas through subtle transitions.  Open and transparent, outdoor and indoor spaces defined by their materials are layered through the building, framed with light and dark wood, stone, plaster, glass.  Sliding shutter-doors are used both as veiled screens between spaces and integrated into the full height millwork, allowing for extra stock to be stored on the store floor, thus out of sight but within easy reach. This store was named one of the "Top 20 Retailers" by Monocle in 2009, and received an Architectural Design Award from the city of Beverly Hills in 2007.  The store's interior concept was reproduced in the Malibu Lumberyard and NY Hamptons stores.


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Status: Built
Location: Beverly Hills, CA, US