Los Angeles, CA


hillside gallery

The 2,000 sq. ft. private art gallery is built under an artificial landscape that is supported by a massive concrete structure reminiscent of a freeway overpass.  The challenge of the project was to create a cohesive gallery within the leftover space between the concrete deck above and the sloping hillside below.  The solution was to organize the gallery on two levels and to create a functional ceiling that unified the jumble of concrete beams and abrupt level changes above.

The entry to the gallery opens into a mezzanine gallery that overlooks the voluminous main gallery below.  A wide stair leads down to a large north-facing window opening to distant views over the landscape.  The undulating white beamed ceiling covers the existing concrete structure above, forming a smooth topography that defines the maximum ceiling heights.  Lighting, mechanical and AV devices are slotted between the beams.

A horizontal datum is established by rift sawn oak paneling in the lower gallery.  The same wood is used for the stairway and mezzanine floor.  As the ceiling rises, the paneling gives way to white walls.  Smooth concrete floors complement the white and wood walls.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US