Shurui Wu

Shurui Wu

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Yuliang Vistor Center

Yuliang Village is a small village in Anhui Province. This village is famous because of the ancient dam which is located on the south side of the village. The dam attracted hundreds of tourists every year while most local residents are farmers and fishers. The history of the village is quite long, and there are many old buildings in the village. The site locates in the east of the village, which is closed to the east entrance alongside the river.

The new visitor center creates a relaxed space for visitors to see the landscape of the dam and the river as well works as a restaurant or a teahouse to provides food and tea for visitors and residents. The strategy is to create a visiting path inside the building using the complicated site condition both in terms of geography and surroundings. The volume of the new building is similar to those old buildings that it has replaced so that the new volume won't be a giant one in this small town. As for the selection of materials, the visitor center uses dark wood panels, stone and white finish coat which are widely used in other part of this village. New courtyards are created to provide green space in the building and old stairs are kept to provide space for traditional religious events. The visitor center is not just a center for tourists, the first level can also become a social space for local people especially seniors.

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Status: School Project
Location: Anhui Province, China