Shurui Wu

Shurui Wu

Ann Arbor, MI, US


A.R.C + ARK: Animal Refugee Carrier

In the distant future, global warming leads to another flood story. The ARC Ark is the animal refugee carrier which saves humans and a remnant of all the world’s animals from the flood. It’s a giant floating building that both humans and animals have to live in. Unfortunately, remnant animals only includes domesticated animals while all other wild animals had been extinction for a long time. Humans and domesticated animals have to rely on each other: humans have to take care of animals in order to gain food from animals, while animals have to rely on human technology to live in closed ecosystem. 

In the distant future, with the development of gene technology, domesticated animals are super giant and they can provide a large amount of food. Comparing to their sizes, humans are tiny and their main task is to feed animals and process food. The ark is a farm, a factory as well as a zoo. 

Man is no longer the measure of all things and human-centered design strategy is not available in this case. The aim of this thesis is to study how to design a building, or in other words, a new city that can serve both humans as well as the larger ecosystem through a Lilliputian perspective. By changing the scales of the world and the measure of all things, I design a building that can be used by different size users. The overall building enclosure is a flat and infinite plan for grazing, with fluctuant floor for animals to move both vertically and horizontally. Pocket space is designed for domesticated animals to produce food such as milk and eggs. However, the zoom in section is more about studying the dynamic vertical movements of human beings within this bizarre environment. Domesticated animals occupy void space while humans mostly work and live “inside” walls. Living inside the walls not only means to design human space as part of the whole system, but also provide bizarre and interesting space for them before the end of the world.

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Status: School Project