Shurui Wu

Shurui Wu

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Home Above Market

The new market and residence complex will be built among hundreds of workers' residential buildings near Anshan Road, Yangpu District. The main strategy for the new residence is to present a low key cuboid shape building which is similar to other existing buildings in this area. As for the market, it needs to be a large open space full of independent shops and different entrances. 

The new market and residence complex can be divided into four layers. The sunk market is a large space full of shops; shops subject to structural columns which support the residences above. The first floor is public space designed for street vendors, artists and citizens. The second floor is the public patio which plays the role as green space and public space for residents.  Above the 4th floor are apartments, the arrangement rule of the cluster is the idea of Sudoku.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN