Sheng Li

Sheng Li

Chicago, IL, US


Stereotomic Library

The library located in the between a residential community and elevated
expressway. The ambience of this project is trying to use the footprint
of the neighborhood as a site boundaries reference line. Reference line
partition the site into a series of triangles. Functional division, entrance
space are all come from this geometrical partition. After stacking
different triangular volumns, changeful gap spaces appeared as the
walls shifting angles according to the reference lines. These spaces are
correspond to not only views to the neighborhood but also residents’
habits, eg. entrance is designed according to where to cross the road.
Façade facing to the neighborhood are all solid walls while windows are
placed facing to gaps between the volumns. This strategy create a paradox
between openings to outside or inside. The whole shape is related to
outside while the experience is introversive.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US