Sheng Li

Sheng Li

Chicago, IL, US


Explosion Dwelling

In this double urban dwelling project, a possible dwelling type were asked to explore
base on a hypothesis of future. The idea was explosion dwelling based on a possible
cloth technology which could be able to create a comfortable physical body condition.

In this case, house will be liberate and do not need to be a continuous interior space anymore. The house was exploded into single-function pieces and using series of exterior passages and platforms to connect small spaces. Many new spatial qualities could be found in here now. The proliferating space from the fixed small spaces to the platforms which could be regard as flexible spaces; The experience of taking fresh air and having better views emerge as residents moving from different places; Flexibility of sharing different spaces – when one resident occupying one space, the other one could go anyone of the rest spaces. All in all, the dwelling experience was highly liberated and advanced as the house had been exploded.

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Status: School Project