Sheng Li

Sheng Li

Chicago, IL, US



Brentwood shopping area in Saint Louis could be called as typical
American shopping mode and the project locates in the parking lot
in-between Trader Joes and Target. We can find shopping spaces are
isolated from each other by the parking lots in here. Customers,finished
shopping in one store, have to walk through a big boring parking
lot to go to next store with heavy things they just bought. Understanding
this problem, the project translates those potential desired
paths into a BIG NET - new strip malls connecting those existing
store as anchor stores. By moving the existing parking lot into underground,
the new ground level and the roof of new strip malls, existing
malls are occupied as a new green park space. In here, exterior Park
space includes Basketball court, tennis court, running path, bicycle
path, green space, Picnic area, Children play ground, etc and New
strip malls are consist of department stores, restaurant, pavilion,
cinema, cafe and bar. As an exterior or interior hybridization program
respectively, Park and Mall are two similar composite programs in
terms of hybridization and they can activate each others’ vitality in a
commutative way.....

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US