Sheng Li

Sheng Li

Chicago, IL, US


Flying pool

This site of the project is in downtown Helsinki facing St.Albertinkatu and
split by St.Lonnrontinkatu. Street spaces in Helsinki are defined by the mixeduse
building blocks which are used as commerical spaces on ground floor and
residential space in upper floors. Streets are quite closed by these blocks
and public spaces are actually rare here. As a consequence, people are always
passing through the street quickly and very limited street activities can
be found here.
The concept is to create a public architecture by outlying the pool. The main
pool has been stretched to a long strip to connect two towers in two sides
of site following the street. Different pools has been placed into different
spot in the long strip and they are narrating different street stories. These
stroies are happening in swimming people, people on the street or between

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Status: Built
Location: Helsinki, FI