Schiavello Architects Office

Schiavello Architects Office

Roma, IT



Tennis is a very athletic and popular sport all over the world. We will show with this extraordinary design the motion that is inside every sport, not only tennis. The design is not as all the other tennishalls, it will show his unique and will surprise by its characteristics.the idea of the design is to show the movement, the power of sports. the whole structure seems to be in motion and it will be a sign, a brandmark for the company and the sport or events which will be inside! It is a moving, dancing building which subscribes the motion in sport. But technically it will be surprising by the possibility to open it up. The shape is more or less like an akkordeon it will be stretched and shrinked, depends on the weather conditions outside. the idea is to develop a system which is easily constructable. the frames are in addition like an akkordeon and they can be moved aside when it is wanted. the skin should be a double skin with ETFE foil and a foil of photovoltaik. these can be stretched and shrinked. developing a system with this approach is a possibilty to connect the design with competence of the södra company. It will bring a nice reflection of light inside but it also is protected by semi translucent photovoltaik plates which can be used like an ornament on the buildings skin. So two things are solved, ecological energy and sunlight or direct light protection. the tribunes are technically easy to move and so it is possible to use the space as as one big hall for exhibitions or other events. not only sport, not only useable in one way. the area of the entrance and reception is a place of contemplation and meeting, a café will be a place of relax with the reflections of the indirect sunlight. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Växjö, SE
Additional Credits: PROJECT: Sport center - Tennis - sauna - gym - office

AREA: 2.000 m2

LOCATION: Växjö - Sweden


TYPE: International competition

STATUS: Selected

TEAM : Francesco Schiavello + Ilja Burchard