Schiavello Architects Office

Schiavello Architects Office

Roma, IT



SAO architecture concept has made a design for a square in the center of Tropea – The main idea of the project is to create a new symbolic place: a meeting place and focal point for the city. Tropea is a wonder of Calabria, a province which enjoys a beautiful sea, containing waters rich with fish and shellfish, and now the starfish has been made the starting point for our research. The starfish which is a pantamer with five arms, which radiate from a central disc. This represents for us the center of our square and the arms of the star are the streets that spill into it. The arms will attract the people of Tropea as well as tourists to the heart of the place. The new urban situation will present the city with a new central point for Tropea now and in the future. It will be a meeting point for the people. This will be a backdrop for the beautiful sea that distinguishes it from many other places in the province of Vibo Valentia. The square outline will change from day to night. During the day the circular marks on the ground are what catches your eyes. In the evening, thanks to the strip of LEDs positioned to the extreme of these circular elements, you will have very impressive light effects: no longer just starfish, but a construction of star fields. The square will create a strong symbolic reference to the relationship between heaven and earth.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tropea, IT
Additional Credits: ‚ÄčTEAM : Schiavello Architects Office, Francesco Schiavello, Giulio Patrizi

PROJECT: Public space - Square

AREA: 4.000 m2

LOCATION: Tropea - Italy

CLIENT: City of Tropea - Order architcts of Vibo Valentia

TYPE: International Competition - HONORABLE MENTION