Sara de Miguel

Sara de Miguel

New York, NY, US


Tennessee House

This house is an attempt of stripping down everything unnecessary and designing a pure, functional and ecological dwelling. It´s a minimal but versatile house that can be modified and extended according to the budget, needs and wishes of the customer. Keeping materials, proportions and scales simple is the key to make the assembly  fast, cheap and efficient. This is a house with economical use of space, designed to be affordable for anyone. 

The house is prefabricated in a factory and easy transported by a truck to almost anywhere. The size of each indivisible unit is defined by the transportation restrictions. The house is conceived as a temporary home that can be relocated in a different place as the customer needs changes.

All building materials are 100% recyclable or already recycled. For the interior of the house we decided to use plywood, as we were looking for an economical, light and warm material. The exterior cladding is made with recycled timber, an elegant, versatile and environmental friendly product that help to reduce the wastage of timber products benefiting the environment. 

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Status: School Project