Sara de Miguel

Sara de Miguel

New York, NY, US


Cultural Center in Embajadores, Madrid

The Tower of Times was conceived as a cultural activation spot in the neighborhood of Embajadores, becoming a social space for meeting and sharing. 

The tower is arranged as a continuous  circulation that connects the different spaces and  activities. This tour through the building is organized by the time that the user is going to spend in the building. Activities that don´t require a long time, like drinking a coffee or enjoying a street performance are located on the ground floor.  As the user is willing to spend more time, he/she has to go up the tower. A theater or work spaces are located on the upper floors. The apartments for rent (+24h) are situated on the last level. 

The main structure of the tower consists in parallel concrete screens tied by transverse reinforced concrete beams. A series of metal trusses are in turn fixed to the concrete screens and holds the composite slabs. The building envelope is formed by two layers, the first skin is a specially glazed curtain wall that prevents the building from absorbing excessive solar heat and a adjustable exterior one that provide shade from the sun.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, Spain