Sara de Miguel

Sara de Miguel

New York, NY, US


M. in Arch Thesis Project. Bank of times.

Final thesis project for my Master´s Degree in Architecture, Madrid (Spain). Outstanding distinction. Grade 8.5/ 10. Final master´s thesis selected and exhibited by the University of Alcalá.

“Space and Time Bank in Tabacalera.” Rehabilitation of an old  tobacco factory in Madrid, (Spain). The facility, which dates from 1790, is currently abandoned and neglected. There is a project for a Museum of Visual Arts in the building but due to the lack of funds, the project is on stand-by. The factory has been used for the past two years as a cultural center by the neighbors of Lavapies. The surrounding inhabitants, unlike politicians, want a place to meet, do activities... and not another museum.

My proposal is to rehabilitate the Tabacalera, removing the extensions without architectural value and making the intervention economically self-sustained by designing a building which holds both a museum and a cultural center. This is possible due to a concise study of the spaces that might be mutually used. Although both programs share spaces, they are considered to be independent entities, having different schedules and entrances from the outside.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, Spain