Detroit, MI


Rock Companies Executives Suite

Clear, effervescent + in-line with a risk-taking, entrepreneurial spirit was the client vision that inspired this eye-popping, yet sophisticated environment for the Rock Companies Executive Suite. ROSSETTI translated the “live, work, play” lifestyle into offices that are executive, yet don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Creativity + spontaneity are encouraged by writable wall surfaces + welcoming meeting spaces. The 27,500 SF offices, located on the 10th floor of the Compuware building in downtown Detroit are open, collaborative + fast-paced. Yet there’s also space to decompress by shooting some hoops in the ½-size basketball court. Expansive views of downtown Detroit include the firm’s other acquisitions close by + a backdrop of the Detroit skyline + river.

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US
Firm Role: Interior Architect