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Incheon Football Stadium + Sungui Arena Park

Futuristic looking but incredibly user-friendly, this 22-acre urban community is the first in Korea to integrate a major soccer stadium with commercial, retail + residential elements. Pedestrians enter the site through a mass transit hub, then weave through the stadium concourse, stores + plaza to a large park at the opposite end. 

The 20,000-seat soccer stadium was designed to look like a sleek ship pulling into port. Built in the heart of Incheon, Korea, the rounded sides open up at one end to embrace the multi-modal transit system, which will be used by 70% of attendees to soccer games. A large plaza and raised platforms allow viewing into the stadium as fans gather prior to and after soccer matches and concerts. Designed with a focus on the general admission fan, the stadium features great sight lines from every seat. Fan amenities include a variety of food courts, restaurants, pubs and bars.  The stadium is integrated into an open-air, meandering promenade that links north to south along the stadium. 

Through our partnership with local firm Moo Young Architects, ROSSETTI developed this master plan to reflect the port city’s culture, with references to wind, waves + cruise ships. The mixed-use development is intended to kick-start economic growth for the “old town” area.

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Status: Built
Location: Incheon, South Korea
Firm Role: Architect, partnership with Moo Young Architects