John Rahill

John Rahill

New York, NY, US


Vortex Labyrinthine

The project is a proposal for the Adidas Headquarters Gateway in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.  In addition to understanding the relationship between office spaces, gathering spaces, and commercial retail for Adidas, the project focused on exploring the idea of the expanding skin as a formal gesture.  

The skin is a diamond-pattern distorted by a massive vortex suspended over a crater.  The skin is supported by “sticks” which act in tension and compression to not only support the structure, but also appear to be caught in the vortex; the project aims to capture movement frozen in time.  

The vortex itself acts as a barrier between worlds; the suburban landscape above, and the office complex below.  From above, one sees a series of hills, between which is a running track – imitating a cross country trail.

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Status: School Project
Location: Herzogenaurach, DE