John Rahill

John Rahill

New York, NY, US


Conjoined Volumes

ARPL 302

Spring 2015

Critic: Sophia Gruzdys

Hearth.  Mound.  Roof.  Enclosure.  These are the four elements that make a home.

The hearth is the heart of the home - the place where all members of a household converge.  It is for this reason it is the shared space between these two units.

The design of each unit was inspired by the square, and extruded to become a volume.  These two volumes break apart, and the space between them becomes the shared space - the hearth.  Like a pair of conjoined twins, both units bear the marks of their separation.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, they belong together.

Two artists live in these spaces.  As such, it was designed to afford views of Campo dei Fiori. One individual uses the computer as a medium, and the other uses traditional mediums.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, IT