John Rahill

John Rahill

New York, NY, US


Modular Living

This project explores the housing unit as a module.  With Berlin as its setting, the project interacts with the surrounding Soviet-style block housing, and seeks to increase the density within the area around Alexanderplatz.  

Beginning with a 60’ by 60’ square, the plan is divided into nine 20’ x 20’ modules, with the center serving as the circulation core.  Wrapping the core is a “service wall,” which serves as both the buildings structural core, as well as the location of the building’s services such as plumbing and mechanical systems.  This opens the exterior of the building for living space. 

On each floor, four of the modules cantilever five feet over the 60’ x 60’ boundary, and this alternates every two floors.  This allows for the creation of terraces, and creates two volumes generating a checker-like pattern on the facade.  The inner volume is wrapped in white ceramic tile, and the outer volume is wrapped in gray ceramic tile.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, DE