Perrine Jeannon

Perrine Jeannon

Paris, FR



This two-story penthouse, offering 360° views of the city of Milan, was designed for a family of four. A project characterized by striking contrasts, it immerses you in an ambiance distinct from traditional Milanese settings. Bathed in natural light, it seamlessly blends elements of an aristocratic Upper East Side condo with the raw creativity of an artist’s loft.

Each room within this residence has its own unique personality, evoking a sense of perpetual vacation. Embracing the client’s desire for a vibrant living space conducive to family gatherings and entertaining guests, the design philosophy revolves around an informal style. As the client expressed, ‘It should feel full of love and art,’ and every aspect of the design reflects this sentiment.

For this project, I took the lead role, managing all aspects independently, with some assistance from the furniture department for FF&E design and logistics. After presenting several layout proposals, I created 3D renderings and developed the construction drawings. One of the key challenges was coordinating with the Italian team while working remotely from Paris, with the ability to visit the site once a month.

This project will be delivered by summer 2024.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: Interior Designer - Project manager
Additional Credits: Gilles & Boissier