One Haworth Center

Haworth, a manufacturer of office furniture and interior components, commissioned us to renovate its Holland, Michigan headquarters to reflect their culture, brand platform and guiding principles by enhancing the staff work environment, showcasing product solutions and maximizing sustainable design.

Our interdisciplinary approach resulted in a design solution featuring a new L-shaped atrium placed in front of the existing building structure. This north-facing 3-story volume provides natural light and exterior landscape views for the work staff. The atrium roof rises from the landscape toward the welcoming entry and features a plant-covered surface to reduce heat gain.

We designed the office space as a reconfigurable "chassis" based on functional work types and organized into "dynamic" (open office), "temporal" (rooms of movable partitions) and "place" (permanent infrastructure) zones. The entire facility acts as a product demonstration lab for visitors while providing client engagement and mock-up areas. New staff amenities include training facilities, café, technology "genius bar" and outdoor terrace located in the bend of the "L".

Our environmentally responsible approach leveraged a wide variety of deconstruction strategies and adaptive materials reuse techniques. More than 99% of construction waste generated was recycled, re-used or otherwise diverted from landfills during deconstruction.

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Status: Built
Location: Holland,Michigan
Firm Role: Architect