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Jackson West Medical Center Brings Healthcare to Doral

As the first hospital in Doral, the new Jackson Health Doral campus is designed to promote the general health of the community. Perkins&Will Miami, led by Pat Bosch, designed this project to encourage collaboration between primary care physicians and specialists and are planned for flexibility and future expansion.

The charge to the design team from the Jackson Health System was to “innovative design for the future” with a focus on population health, a hospitality model, operational efficiency, and the inclusion of appropriate technology. The design of the new hospital campus and facilities reacts to a new way of delivering patient care with the flexibility to respond to changing technologies, staffing, and patient needs and will serve as a model of care delivery for the Jackson Healthcare System in the future.

“This campus was designed with the intention to provide the region and the community of Doral, with the next generation of healing spaces. A facility that incorporates the latest in technology, and influences civic, education and innovation centers. Sculpted from the South Florida nature, and just like our landscape provides hope, beauty and a place for new life, this building represents the best of our land, our communities and our future. It is gentle, high performing, restorative and welcoming, just like the land it emerges from,” says Pat Bosch.

The new six-story hospital building includes 98 Licensed beds with 84 medical surgical beds, 8 bed ICU and 6 LDRP beds. The diagnostic and treatment areas include an emergency department, imaging services, an interventional platform, laboratory, pharmacy, and additional services. The new campus also includes an integrated ambulatory care clinic/medical office building and a new support building which includes structured parking, a central utility plant, loading dock, materials management, and maintenance services.

The new hospital campus was designed to place patients and families first, promoting safety and immediacy of care. The operational healthcare model seeks to learn from hospitality models offering coordinated and orchestrated communication and care. Technology was leveraged when and where possible as a tool to aid staff, patients, and families in order to enhance their healthcare treatment experience. The design of the campus mirrors and complements these goals by creating an inviting, healing environment, one that is scalable, functional and flexible while promoting stewardship of financial, material and human resources.

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Status: Built
Location: Doral, FL, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Jackson Health System

Robin Hill
Robin Hill