Architecture Firm Perkins & Will Completes STEM Center in Historic Ransom Everglades Coconut Grove Campus

The new STEM Center is located at the entrance of the historic Ransom Everglades Coconut Grove Campus. Its location intentionally creates a new quad that showcases the school’s commitment to academic excellence, the arts, and next-generation environments for teaching and learning.These zones create an outdoor theater, an art exhibition center, an outdoor classroom and a student green. The outdoor and indoor learning environments enhance opportunities for informal learning and student life.Understanding the principles of STEM education, Ransom Everglades envisioned a 45,000 SF Center for Science and Math that allows for a multidisciplinary approach to education for both faculty and students.

The building’s main circulation spine creates hubs of collaboration with full transparency and spaces that can be reconfigured at each level. An outdoor grand stairway or student commons, outfitted with power and data infrastructure, provides the opportunity to showcase learning, impromptu lectures or exhibitions as well as formal scenarios ranging from outdoor theater productions and performances, to guest lectures. Technology throughout the facility allows for local, national and international connectivity and enables students to remain informed of the building’s performance, featured projects, class activities, and general information.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US