Nicolò Lewanski

Nicolò Lewanski

New York, NY, US


TEDx Bologna

TEDx is spreading of knowledge, both real and on line, and therefore each speaker with his presentation is the core of the event. Each TEDx lecture is a stage to the service of sharing, and each element in this logic plays a precise role: the speaker is trained for public speeches while the red carpet focuses the attention on him, the screen is always visible in the foreground, the multiple cameras recall several points of view, and even the audience has a role: to have reactions that are shared by the people who watch the video on the internet participating at a virtual level. The exhibition, also, is an instrument of spreading. In addition to ensuring the basic functions, such as the conduction of the conference and projection of the video, proper lighting, possibility of filming and a pleasant and engaging atmosphere, has also to become a sounding board for the message and stimulate further the viewer’s perception. The only thing that needs to be set up and for which the exhibition was designed is serving the speaker’s message. The stage characters are the objects, one for each speaker, related to their personal research. At beginning of the speech the objects enter the scene as a foreground of the speakers in two different ways: Hidden behind the scenes by a system of semi-transparent black veils. Another version of the same objects, large and recognizable at a distance, comes into the picture completely painted in red behind the speaker. In this way, the project set-up becomes a part of TEDx, at his service in its own language. A light and ethereal structure, which does not distract the attention with its homogeneity of material, but creates a certain atmosphere and light casts on stage to focus attention on objects, screen, speaker, involving totally the audience of TEDx Bologna.

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna, IT
My Role: Team Leader
Additional Credits: Luca Marinelli, federica Russo, Antonio Visceglia, Umberto Vallini (team)